About Us



About Us

Our foundation is a private operating foundation established in New York State in 1998. It is classified under section 4942((jj)(3), tax exempt under section 501(c)(3).

The spirit guiding us is that of Nicolaus (Miki) Lempert (1918 -1977). Throughout his life Miki humbly and forcefully embodied qualities we cherish and promote, foremost among them tolerance, understanding and generosity. Selfless and tireless, Miki set an astonishingly positive and powerful example for those who knew and loved him. We aspire to carry on in his name with works consistent with his values.

Our Foundation is small. Over half of our expenditures take the form of donations to support like-minded charities and institutions, with the remainder supporting our own initiatives and programs.  We accept proposals by invitation only.

       Board of Directors
            Norbert Lempert
            Rainer N. Lempert
            Milo A. Lempert

            Timothy G. Dolan
            Olga Greengard, Ph.D.
            Philip W. Kantoff, M.D.
            Barbara B. Lindsay
            Paul H. Rapisarda
            Scott M. Reich